Download of the Week: Crosses †††

15-year-old me is officially rolling in his grave – I will fully admit to liking The Deftones.

Except I’m not really rolling. It’s more of a half-hearted cold-shoulder because up until now I’ve only ever really been able to tolerate White Pony. And this.

Crosses ††† is a spare vehicle for Deftones front man Chino Moreno to wax dramatically about whatever it is that he sings about – not exactly a huge selling point. Then again, when I stumbled upon this at random, and totally dug it, I had no idea this had anything to do with Moreno and his faux-nu-metal nonsense so what does that say about me?

Moody, temperamental and epic, Crosses ††† is clean and engaging while only merely skirting ostentatious.

Speaking of ostentatious, the band is selling their debut EP on vinyl for the low price of $100. Or, you know, you could just download it for free…

I miss 15-year-old me.