Ominocity mixtape Dec. 3, 2011

Editor’s note – I had already been making mixtapes for several years by the time I first discovered Saskatoon’s CFCR radio station. Lordy knows what I was doing home on a Friday night in 1993 – lack of friends being a potential culprit. But I did discover the venerable punk show “TV Party Tonight.” This was the trick: start recording the song and try and figure out within the first 30 seconds if it was any good. If it was a ripper it stayed; if it sucked I would quickly rewind and queue the cassette for the next song.

In the spirit of ’90s dinosaurs everywhere, we offer you the first installation of the Ominocity mixtape. Look forward to this becoming a regular timewaster on weekends. Hope you discover something new.

As always, anyone interested in submitting a mixtape hit us up. Lets make a day of it. Pizza and local beer. No biggie.