Download of the Week: Casual Victim Pile II

Who knew Austin, Texas had such a large garage rock scene? With the many festivals, including SXSW and Fun Fun Fun, it only makes sense that they would have bands expanding from all different genres. Casual Victim Pile has released a compilation that introduces us to bands that would otherwise take some major blog digging to discover. Instead of word of mouth we have word of kick ass compilation.

There are a few bands here I’m already familiar with, such as Women in Prison and Rayon Beach from Hozac Records. The compilation also features OBN III’s – made up of members of the power garage act Bad Sports – a band garnering buzz on their live show.

The strongest of the tracks are the first four, all thrashy garage punk that makes you want to pound a beer, throw down and rock out. Women in Prisons’ track “Kill Kommie Kops” drips with sweat and bleeds pure energy, the lo-fi sound harkening to the early days of the ‘90s with punk bands like The Drags. Cruddys’ “Incendiary” reminds me of the more trashy tracks from one of my favorite bands Myelin Sheaths. OBN III’s “Do My Thing” lives of to the hype that I have been hearing about this band for a few months now, which is real raucous rock ‘n’ roll. If the live show is anything like this track then I absolutely need to see them live.

While most tracks on this album kick major ass there are a few that don’t quite live up to the high-energy nature of this comp. Hatchet Wounds’ “Fuck the Past” has a cool no wave sound but the no-distorted bass and repetitive rhythm of the song minus a ripping guitar just seems to be out of place for such a crazed album.

One of my favorite things about this album is some of the ridiculous band names Sally Crewe & the Sudden Moves, and, one of the most hilarious bro-ish names I have heard in a long time, Naw Dude.

The one thing I realized while listening to this album is that Saskatoon, and Saskatchewan in general is lacking in garage/punk acts, with a few major exceptions. If you like trashy rock ‘n’ roll and play an instrument I challenge you to find like-minded people and start a band.

A wise man once said “there is no try, only do.” Take these words and be great. I believe in you.