Uncle Bad Touch

Pick of the Weekend: Uncle Bad Touch

Uncle Bad TouchThe last time Montreal’s Uncle Bad Touch played in Saskatoon plumes of absolute debauchery stank up the entire neighbourhood. A bunch of dudes got wasted and high-fived well into the wee hours, some girl got in trouble from her parents because her hair smelled like pot and the neighbour’s cat got let out of the yard and when it came back a few days later it was pregnant.

Apparently this is a fairly standard gig for the three-piece.

Featuring guitar grooves that shred and slime behind a sheen of retro haze, Uncle Bad Touch somehow channel feelgood vibes of the ‘60s while simultaneously unleashing their inner Sabbath. Oh yeah, the cute bass player and the guitarist are married and it makes me taste vomit every time I watch them share a microphone. Total punk rock lurve.

Also playing are Winnipeg’s Slattern and locals Zombifyus, The Eyebats and Form.

Mark my words: beer and virginity will be consumed.

Oh yeah, this is a basement show so BYOB/BYOV.