The Deep Dark Woods

The Deep Dark Woods Interview

Saskatoon’s The Deep Dark Woods have released their latest album, entitled The Place I Left Behind.

With the record seeing release on Six Shooter Records – as well as having a new member aboard – drummer Lucas Goetz says the band are excited for the album to finally see release.

“We produced it ourselves this time,” says Goetz. “We all contributed to it that way. And we didn’t have any outside influences.

“I think it sounds closer to what we envisioned. But there are five of us sitting there so there has to be some compromises.”

Recorded in Halifax at the Sonic Temple – “it’s this crazy 200-year-old building,” says Goetz – The Place I Left Behind picks up where The Woods’ previous album, Winter Hours, left off.

The Deep Dark Woods

Fuelled by a dichotomy of stripped down guitar plucking amidst lush instrumentation, the band – led by songwriter Ryan Boldt – takes their audience through a heartrending stroll through verdant fields of country-tinged folk rock.

With a sound as expansive as the prairies that surround them, The Deep Dark Woods manage to sound both lovely and yearning at once, capturing that feeling of first kisses and seeing an old flame after years apart.

Although their albums are an entirely different beast from their live shows – on record the band are far more relaxed while on stage their songs contain far more tension – The Deep Dark Woods are excited to test the new set on the road beyond their hometown of Saskatoon.

“The album just came out last week and it seems to be getting a lot of good reviews and we have more of a push there now with our label,” says Goetz. “We are hoping to do the festival thing in the States. We probably won’t tour any more than we are now. We want to keep our home lives here. Some of us have families. But we will definitely be touring in the States way more than we have been.”

The Place I Left Behind - The Deep Dark Woods