Foam Lake

Foam Lake Interview

Foam Lake, a Saskatoon-based band comprised of Paul, Barrett, Tyler and Kalen Ross, have a new CD in the works, entitled Force and Matter.

There’s just one catch – you won’t find it sitting on their merch table.

The band, originally from Moose Jaw, SK, insist they aren’t quite ready to drop their album… yet. As guitarist and singer Paul Ross explains, despite sitting on boxes of the things, there are still some logistical issues to iron out before the official CD release.

“The intention is not to starve and torture,” laughs Ross. “We’re just trying to set up proper promotion and distribution before the album is released officially. We also have a neat release show in the works, so there’s method to the madness. That said, anyone wanting a disc in advance can shoot us an email and we can supply one.”

Having just returned from a tour that took them across Canada, playing festivals such as NXNE and Sled Island, as well as through New York and other areas of Eastern USA, Foam Lake have been working double time as part of Shuyler Jansen’s group.

However, despite playing the part of backing band, Ross points out that the agreement is beneficial for everyone involved.

“Our tours with Shuyler almost always involve us playing our own shows, so we promote both bands more or less equally,” says Ross. “In name we remain Foam Lake whether we are backing Shuyler or not, so it’s symbiotic and allows us to promote the band.”

Foam Lake

Named after the town where their mother was raised and grandparents died, so the story goes, Foam Lake slide gracefully between clever synth pop and driving, broody indie rock – a testament to their vintage gear and immaculate attention to guitar tones. And on Force and Matter – which Ominocity was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of – the band benefits from some lofty production, bro-vocal melodies and huge drum sounds.

But Ross is quick to point out that anyone who attends their show at this Friday’s Wakeride at Victoria Park, Saskatoon, is likely to get an earful of their latest material.

“The reaction to the [new] songs has been surprisingly good,” says Ross. “We’re hoping it’ll get better once people get to know them. Our recent tour in US/Canada with Shuyler allowed us to play to different audiences. We’ve had great reception from audiences in New York City, Washington DC, and especially Toronto and Edmonton.

“When we look over the crowd and see that they are listening, you know it’s a good show.”