Derelict – Carry The Flame Review

Montreal death shredders Derelict have released a new EP entitled Carry The Flame. While their sound – a maddening dervish of hugely complex riffage and drum salvos – has certainly found a place within their home scene, Derelict are closely linked to the Saskatoon scene, featuring drummer Jordan Perry, a native Saskatonian, as well as featuring the distinct illustrations of local artist Cate Francis.

And despite the lack of a permanent bassist, Derelict has been garnering plenty of attention within the metal scene due to their wildly confrontational sound.

“There’s something about Montreal bands that seem to interest people right off the bat,” agrees vocalist Eric Burnet. “We definitely take a lot of influence from our local heroes, but I also think we’re bringing a fresh approach to metal by not sticking too specifically to any one genre within metal. This seems to touch home with a lot of people.”

The EP features three songs that will appear on the band’s next full-length, due out in late 2011.

Please note that Ominocity is not held responsible for any bangovers suffered from prolonged listens and hair whips.