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The Electric Revival at Rock Bottom

February 28, 2015 @ 10:00 pm

Rock BottomSk and Müs Knuckle present:

The Electric Revival
and Cars Collide

Saturday February 28th, 2015

Doors at 9pm
Show at 10pm

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Electric Revival

1930s film director Tod Browning probably never listened to much heavy music in his day, but he most certainly understood what it meant to stand apart from the crowd. Such was the cinematic bite of his black and white thriller Freaks.

While the three members of The Electric Revival may not have had that cult classic in mind when they named their new album, guitarist-vocalist Ian Dillon, drummer Dallas Lobb and bassist Dan Toews are no strangers to playing the role of disenfranchised misfits who thrive on performing before an awestruck crowd.

“We grew up in Innisfail, about an hour north of Calgary. You could only skateboard four months a year, so there was nothing to do but drink beer and play guitars. It also meant that the garage bands you had to choose from were into either country or metal,” says Dillon. “I met Dallas and Dan in junior high, at age 14, and like most small town kids we left for the city as soon as we were out of school. We had always been in revolving metal bands over the years, so when we started the group, in 2009, we really wanted to get back to the basics, drums, guitars, amps. We tried to be as primitive as possible and focus on being a solid band.”

It would be three years before the nocturnal trio formally introduced themselves to their audience, raising the curtain on their debut album, Presenting: The Electric Revival, in 2012. The blues-soaked trio decided to keep the ball rolling by releasing a new single every week for 13 weeks that summer. Tightening their grip, The Electric Revival launched their glorious Pirate Radio LP in July of 2013 and followed it up with yet another album, 5 Songs by Electric Revival, four months later. No wonder the band was recently picked up by Cruzer Media. And, achieving international distribution was all the more incentive for Dillon, Dallas, and Dan to dive back into the studio and get their eponymous Freak on.

“The new album was recorded over the course of three weeks, during April of 2014, at Electric Park Studio in Calgary. I produced and engineered the record myself with assistant engineer Jonny Vincent and our pre-production engineer, Steven Lilly. Freaks was recorded live off the floor, together as a band, all in one room using very basic recording techniques… and the best modern digital recording equipment available. We were able to get our hands on a couple of cool synthesizers and used them and the organ a lot on this record, we really like the way it helped fill out the sound.”

Full is an understatement. Freaks kicks off with the explosive howler “My Molly My” a blow-your-hair-back and bury-the-needle joyride that slams into the cerebral cortex like a grasshopper hitting the windshield. Swerving out of the fast lane, the CB heartbreaker “Rolling Stone” postures up for a space truckin’ riff-off that would have Johnny Winter tipping his hat in respect. Southern swelter and soul are grist for the mill on “Wild Child” and “Baby Please (Come Home)”, while the two-edged sword of “Feed My Love” cuts to the drone, scratchin’ for an ‘80s punk fix. Did I just say punk? Yes, it’s in there too!

“The songs are about love, death, freedom, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, they explore a lot of territory while maintaining The Electric Revival sound. We never want to limit ourselves creatively. We wanted to the extra mile for the new album, so we threw a big party at the studio for about 30 friends. Just like the good old days!”

Available now, Freaks is fated to send epic ripples across The Electric Revival’s smoke-hazed horizons.

By Christine Leonard


From the depths of the beating drums and the belly of face melting guitar came a band whispered among few men. No one could believe such a band existed, with such face melting riffs, neck breaking beats, and two god like rock manes. It just couldn’t be true. But it is.And the band has risen again to claim it’s rightful throne among the rock gods of today. The band’s sound of glory will be heard through canyons yonder and can be heard even in the unborn children of tomorrow. Women will swoon, men’s necks will break, and the animals will gather to sacrifice their bacon and their pork chops to the band whispered among few men. One poor soul survived long enough after an encounter with the band to whisper through hoarse voice, “Jumbo”. And it began……

JUMBO is a hiiiiiigh energy jam band that hits the high notes and the black notes. They believe we are still living in the golden age of rock and roll, where the soul, improvisation, and entertainment are what matter to the people. Their improvisational/jam style environment they create on stage will make you wish they wore more tassels. That’s right, they’re raw and they write love songs too.

reeeeaaaal raw man.

Cars Collide

Cars Collide was established in 2009 as a band called Saving Face. The Saving Face name was changed in June 2014. Cars Collide is an all original five piece hard rock band from the Prince Albert, SK area. We have approximately 20 completed songs; 10 of which have been selected for the recording project. Cars Collide are an energetic and technical band who have played countless shows in the Melfort, Prince Albert and Saskatoon area.

We would like to begin our recording in July 2014.
We would like to promote our record with a tour in the summer of 2015.

The roads leading to Cars Collide have been both short and long: Josh Comeau hails from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Jason Gabora from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and Conrad Corrigal from Beauval, Saskatchewan and Alton Michel from Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan.


February 28, 2015
10:00 pm


Rock BottomSk


Rock BottomSk
834 Broadway Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7N 1B6 Canada