5 reasons a video resume can help you get a new job

Resumes have reached a point of monotony and employers often look out for innovative approaches by candidates who apply for a job.

The monotony in a regular resume has led to the rise of a video resume. What is a video resume? How can it help you get a new job? Let us find enough reasons to create a video resume.

What is a video resume?

A video resume is a video created by a candidate and sent to the employer while applying for a job. The video usually features the candidate addressing their relevant skills and qualities that’ll be beneficial for the company in which they’re applying for a job. The candidate either addresses the employee by directly looking into the camera or opts for a voice-over supported along with visuals of their achievements.

How you create your video resume is totally up to you. Your personality, character, and the way you speak matters the most. Think of it as your first chance at creating an impression on the employer. Creativity with your video resume can be limitless, the ultimate goal of a video resume is to market yourself and keep the employer hooked till the end.

5 reasons why you should create a video resume

Limitless creativity

Your video resume gives you the power to be creative without limits unlike the traditional way of submitting your resume. You can add numerous effects, play around with the lights and sound while adding banners that make your video resume look professional. The video medium allows you to create what you want the way you want it.

You can run a piece of motivational background music at a low volume to add that extra punch to your video resume.

Highlights communication skills

A video resume helps you to showcase your communication skills with the best tools at your disposal. Your confidence and personality shine through the video resume. Communication skills are important in achieving excellence in any given field and employers always stress having a good command of your language.

Even if you choose to go with voice-over and text, the way you communicate your points matters a lot.

It makes you credible

A regular resume would contain a page of skills, experience, and basic information but a video resume would humanize those skills into being. A video resume makes you credible because it signifies a human presence over just another job application.

The recruiter will get to see your presence and it will add a few brownie points in your favor. You can add more credibility by plugging in a few achievements that you might have documented in the past.

Shows your enthusiasm

Out of so many applicants, only a few choose to send a video resume. You being one of them will be rewarded as it shows your enthusiasm and effort towards working for the company. A video resume is made with dedication, the effort will show on the final product that you create. This kind of enthusiastic nature is appreciated and required in all kinds of job roles.

You control your first impression

Usually, you create your first impression when you walk in for an interview. When you create a video resume the ball is in your court to create your first impression. Your personality will be reflected on your video resume so be confident and presentable. Make sure you have enough light on yourself, choose a background that is not distracting. Don’t forget to use a good microphone that catches your voice loud and clear.

Don’t worry if you fumble, you can take multiple takes and merge your videos online using a video merger. It lets you create a video resume with total control and customization. This gives you the power to control your first impression.

Tips for your video resume

Post it on LinkedIn- LinkedIn is the platform where you’re connected with most professionals in your network. When you post your video resume on LinkedIn, you’re bound to get some engagement that will increase the reach of your profile. Your video resume will increase the interactions with your profile thereby boosting visibility on LinkedIn search results.

Keep it short- Short is sweet and this is true when it comes to a video resume. You wouldn’t want to send a 5-page resume to apply for a job. Similarly, your video resume shouldn’t be like the length of a feature film. You can keep things short and simple and wrap it up in under 90 seconds using a video merger.

Now that you’re convinced, create your first video resume and start hunting for new jobs!