5 Tips to Buying a Violin on a Budget

Are you a beginner trying to get a violin for your lessons, or are you an experienced violin player ready to buy one? If you are on a tight budget, your options may seem limited, considering some violins cost thousands of dollars. However, you should not be discouraged by such prices because of several factors, such as the craftsmanship, influence the price of a violin. LVL Music Academy offers a range of affordable violins for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Request for violins for students

When shopping for a violin, you will discover that some violins cost as little as $100 while others cost more than $2000! The price difference is staggering, and if you are just getting acquainted with this musical instrument, the price range can be shocking. However, don’t let the price of the violin be a reason to make you walk away from learning how to play it.

The type and quality of wood used often influence the price. Violins for students are made from wood that is of lower quality than that of professionals. The carving, assembly and finishing are also not as detailed as those in violins for advanced players. This is why the price of violins for beginners is much lower.

Avoid telling violin dealers your price range too soon

When you have a tight budget, you might be tempted to go straight to how much you have. This way, you assume that the seller will show you violins that are within your price range. Some dealers have violins that have no price tags because they intend to mark up the prices with buyers who discuss their budgets before hearing the cost.

Explore the options online

Many violin stores warn against buying violins online because you will not test the instrument before buying it. However, some online stores offer great quality violins at affordable rates. Of course, you need to exercise caution by purchasing from an authentic store. However, because the store does not have the overhead costs that walk-in music stores have, they can afford to sell at a much lower price.

Search for sellers of used violins

Interestingly, the violin is one of the few instruments that one upgrades as they get better at playing. This is why there are violins for beginners and those at advanced levels. What do you think happens to the violins beginners or intermediate players stop using? Some were well-maintained, so, you might be lucky to get a used violin at a price that fits your budget.

Avoid buying the violin, bow and case separately

When determining the budget for a violin, you need to bear in mind that sometimes the price tag may only be for the instrument. You will need more money for the bow and case. You can avoid the additional cost by asking for the price of the outfit, which includes the violin, bow and case. You’ll discover that it will cost you less to get the outfit compared to getting each piece separately.

The process of buying a violin may be more involved than that of any other musical instrument. This is because the violin you choose will have an impact on the sound you produce. While it is easy to assume the price influences the sound quality, this is not necessarily true. You can get a violin on a budget and still produce smooth, soothing sounds.