Keep Your Instrument Clean With Saxophone Cleaning Accessory Kit

Music is what keeps us going forward, and musicians are the ones that make it happen. Without music, it’s impossible to imagine how life would look like today. People around the world enjoy listening to various music genres, and some of the most popular ones require the use of many different music tools.

Saxophones are incredibly popular for many years now, especially in the jazz genre. Sax players always were somewhat unusual kinds of musicians. Maybe this is because of the unique energy that they share with the audience while playing. Performing on saxophone requires special skills and knowledge, as well as hefty lung capacity.

If you have a talent for music, you can learn to play sax yourself, following the methods below:

On the other hand, sax players must always keep their music tools clean to avoid potential health issues. All kinds of impurities and bacteria can arise on the blowing pipe, buttons, and other parts of the instrument. Regular cleaning of your music tool is essential, especially these days when a new viral thread is widespread globally.

Keep Your Health at Bay

Doctors always advise people to disinfect all surfaces that they touch once in a while (these days, you should do this every day). Some bacteria and viruses can live on solid surfaces for many hours. It’s easy to spread disease by putting your hands on the dirty item, then touching your face, mouth, other people, and surfaces.

High hygiene levels were necessary before, but now, proper maintenance of personal stuff is critical for your well-being more than ever. In these times, saxophones can be more dangerous than most instruments. When it comes to infective diseases, most people caught these toxic particles through their mouth, nose, or eyes. And using saxophone requires both of your hands and mouth, so the danger of infection is real.

Make sure to clean your music tool thoroughly and use specialized cleaning kits. As seen here, these kits are created to serve your instrument perfectly. Some instruments, like guitars that are made of wood, require unique care methods since you can’t use the same cleaning agents for different materials. By doing so, you may damage your instrument.

How to Know Which Cleaning Kits Are the Best?

Talk to your local music instruments retail shop and try to find as much information as possible regarding the best cleaning set for your sax. Additionally, you can also go online on various websites that work closely with instruments. You’ll find an abundance of useful information that will help you understand the needs of your saxophone.

On the market, you can find a variety of cleaning sets in different price ranges. However, you must know that not all expensive kits are the best ones. All of these sets contain, more or less, the same maintenance items – clothes, brushes, cleaning chemicals. But costlier sets may consist of more cleaning cloths and bigger bottles of the cleaning agent.

Sometimes, companies are trying to sway potential buyers with higher prices since people instantly believe that these products are of better quality. But these products usually don’t provide better cleaning features, but more attractive packages and aggressive advertising.

Ask for Recommendation

You should always perform thorough research before choosing the cleaning kit you for your instrument if you don’t want to waste your money. If you know where to look for these kits, you may find a fantastic product for a bargain as well.

Moreover, it’s good advice to visit the manufacturer’s webpage or ask other musicians for recommendations as well. Or you can visit blogs and forums related to instruments to look for an expert opinion. Most of the time, this is probably the quickest way to find what you need.

Don’t Forget Additional Gear

Deep saxophone cleaning involves the instrument’s body, neck, and all keypads. Each part requires different maintenance and instructions on how to do this are usually found in each cleaning kit. After thorough cleaning (the instrument needs to be disassembled), you will reassemble the saxophone, and you can take the opportunity to check the condition of the parts.

Additional equipment that every saxophonist must-have, like spare mouthpieces, extra keypads, and, most importantly, carrying suitcases also requires regular maintenance. You don’t need a particular cleaning kit for this additional gear, but you should adhere to some maintenance rules, especially for the mouthpiece, as this part is in direct contact with you.

With clean and neat saxophone, you’ll get extra motivation to play better. That kind of enthusiasm and positive energy is what the audience appreciates the most. Sax players were always famous within jazz clubs and everywhere else. The sound of this instrument is astonishing, and when a person who knows how to handle the instrument uses it, the magic begins.