What to do in Saskatoon: A Ghost in Drag, League of Wolves, SaintVicious

A Ghost In Drag, Adolyne, The Jump Off and Ki the Tree

Where did the past decade go? Who knows, but you should still come celebrate 10 years of A Ghost In Drag, party extra hard, and have some good stories waiting in the wings when they celebrate number 20. Come party extra hard this Friday at the Black Cat.

League of Wolves, Dirty & The Perks and Ex Omerta

League of Wolves are back. Even better, they never left. Come support some fine, upstanding local musicians, this Friday at the Capitol.

MEH! Freak Show!

It’s a new year and a new MEH, bringing you performances like you’ve never seen before. Come get your freak on, this Tuesday at Amigos.

Dirk’s Fireworks, The Faps and Shakey Wilson

Featuring Dirk’s Fireworks, comprised of members from such local legends as ex-Porksword & Martyr Bones, this is a line-up that’s sure to leave you shook af. Come get nasty as you wanna be this Friday at Amigos.

Wenches & Rogues, SaintVicious and Tadoma

Combining traditional Irish and Scottish music with hard rock, punk, and another assortment of styles, Wenches & Rogues are set to rip this Saturday at the Capitol with a bevy of new songs. Word. Up.