What to do in Saskatoon: Chunder Buffet, Chad Munson, CFCR FM-Phasis 2019

Chunder Buffet, Dream Creeps, Man Meat and Websites

Come get Lemon Sleazy! Chunder Buffet are about to drop a new four song EP on September 17 through Grey Records. Which is why you should come and grip a copy on Saturday at the Black Cat, and witness this torrent of punk rock with a twist IRL.

Chad Munson, Valiska and Ancient Greens

A bliss-out release of Chad Munson’s newest album on Muzan Editions “Surface Tension” – ushering in the ambient party is Calgary-based duo of Reid/Sujata (Valiska) and Ancient Greens. This Saturday at Paved/AKA Event Space.

CFCR FM-Phasis: Dirty & the Perks, Myles & Blanks and Whiskey Jerks

It’s that most magical time of the year! CFCR FM-Phasis is back with a fundraiser kickoff show featuring Dirty & The Perks, Myles and the Blanks, and The Whiskey Jerks. The first of many shows featuring local artists, all while raising funds to help keep Saskatoon’s Community Radio station alive for another year. Come hang, this Friday at the Capitol.

Black Mountain and Majeure

Making their long-awaited return to Saskatoon, Vancouver’s Black Mountain return armed with their wildest album yet: Destroyer, allegedly named after the discontinued single-run 1985 Dodge Destroyer muscle car, is pretty dope. Come be dope, this Thursday at Amigos.

Cancer Bats, Single Mothers and Sharptooth

Ever wanted to thrash the heck out of your human body on a school night to some of Canada’s most exquisite hardcore and punk? They heard you, now you too can mosh for Monday, at the Capitol.