What to do in Saskatoon: Daniel Romano, Anna Haverstock, Fancy Diamonds

Daniel Romano and Dead Soft

Remember Daniel Romano? Of course you do – he has been busy releasing music and stirring up trouble while touring Canada. What’s his latest iteration up to? Rock? Punk? Country? Psychedelia? Come find out, this Saturday at the Capitol.

Anna Haverstock, Lyzanne Foth and Justin Ryan

This Saturday at Amigos: Pals, pils and playing lots of songs. Come dance!

Venom, AC/DC, SNFU, and the Ramones (cover sets – doy!)

This Friday, come see a bunch of dudes playing songs they didn’t write themselves! Venom, as played by Lavagoat, AC/DC by Classy Chassys and Von Jumbo, SNFU by members of Rehashed, Me The Guts and Mechanical Separation and the Ramones as done by members of Soul Mates and Hattie.

Fancy Diamonds, Crooked Spies and Doctor Booty Quiver

This Saturday the Black Cat Tavern presents a night of sparkling lads, spinning songs and special, special drinks. Come partake!

Punk Rock Bingo

Your favourite semi-whenever event is back! Come for the dabs, stay for the dips. At the Black Cat, this Wednesday.