What to do in Saskatoon: Very Prairie, Hot Garbage, Maris November 26 - December 3, 2018

Very Prairie: Saskatchewan Music Summit

Oh joy! A summit! Very Prairie is a multi-day event that focuses on career growth, business development and best practices. What does that mean? It means that Saskatoon will play host to national and international representatives from labels, festivals, agencies and funders, alongside artists, media and industry builders. Come hang with the stars and celebs!

Hot Garbage, Waitress

There’s a reasonable chance that Hot Garbage are probably going to be pretty great, probably, but the real reason to come out to Amigos this Tuesday is Waitress. A far, far underrated band, the group announced a deep hiatus, making this gig one of their last (if not THE last). Gone too soon, burned too brightly, come sway, swing and sulk.

The Radiation Flowers, Snake River and Maris

Regina’s Snake River are bringing the album release party to Amigos on Saturday, December 1. Rad Flowers are, well, rad, but make sure to show up early for Maris, who will be your new favourite band starting… NOW.

Trifecta: Samurai Champs, Denise Valle, Alex Bent and the Emptiness and VBRTR

Come party like it’s 1999 for some reason? Sure, but this is a pretty rocking line-up, and I’d rather party like it’s RIGHT NOW. This Friday at the Capitol.

Got It Covered compilation launch with Von Jumbo, The Definitelays and Ellen Froese

Have you heard that sweet compilation where Sask. bands are covering other Sask. bands? If not, this is the event for you! CFCR Saskatoon & CJTR Regina Community Radio present “Got it Covered: Saskatchewan Musicians Cover Each Other’s Music” CD Compilation Launch Party, this Friday at the Black Cat.