What to do in Saskatoon: The Department Heads, Video Dance Party, Sex Geckos November 12 - 19, 2018

Highkicks, The Department Heads and Kaye & Co

A night of super loud stuff, featuring the return of Highkicks and some super dope local acts. This Saturday at the Capitol.

The Cat’s Meow

An immersive environment that is a cat friendly art gallery, thanks to your local friendly neighbourhood BAM. Not only is there cat themed art, the gallery contains sculptures and architectural interventions that function as cat environments. Rowr!

Video Dance Party (1988+ Edition)

Best thing about 1988? Olympics in Canada? Roger Rabbit? Nope. The get-ups. Come get fashionable this Friday at Video Dance Party (1988+ Edition) hosted by The Sargents, as part of Amigos’ “30 Events in 30 Days” celebration.

The Sex Geckos, Ugly Again and Hollow Oax

“Drug impaired school division enrollment up!” reads all the newspaper headlines in our little city of Saskatoon. This Saturday, join The Sex Geckos, along with Regina’s own Ugly Again, and Hollow Oax at the Saskatoon Indoor Skatepark.

The Sketchy Bandits

A live sketch comedy performance at the Remai Arts Centre’s (Persephone Theatre) Backstage Stage, this show promises, or at least hints strongly at, sex, drugs, certain types of “infections”, and other mature concepts. So you know it’s going to be fun. This weekend!