What to do in Saskatoon: Firestarter, Eamon McGrath, Punk Rock Bingo October 29 - November 5, 2018

The Dirty Nil, Dead Soft and Eamon McGrath

There’s a show at Amigos this Halloween that you should check out, but more importantly, this kicks off a series of amazingly-curated shows that celebrate the venerable venue’s 30th anniversary. Hot damn!

Firestarter, Witchknife, famine, Knar and Deprogrammer

Your post-Halloween scares start here. Noise and cacophony abound at the Capitol this Friday with musicians assembling from across the province.

Punk Rock Bingo

Looking for some Halloween fun where you can get dressed up and “win some sweet crap”? Black Cat Tavern has you covered with some spooky stuff to do post-trick and/or treating.

B.A. Johnston, Shotgun Jimmie and Myles and the Blanks

Oh boy, another B.A. Johnston show. Think he’ll take off his sweater again? Maybe! I wonder if he’ll drink Sour Puss from the bottle behind the bar? You betcha! But in all seriousness, B.A. rules and so does Jimmie and Myles. It’s going to be fun. Yup! This Friday at Amigos.

Rage Against the Machine tribute

Sick of bands pretending to be other bands yet? If not, maybe come out to this, where some local bands are pretending to be other bands that aren’t from around here. Spooky! Halloween at the Capitol!