Things to do in Saskatoon: Beth, The Shit Talkers and the 2018 Nutrien Fireworks Festival

Beth, Waitress and Drab Wrath

Creepy and sensual with just a hint of rock aggression, Winnipeg’s Beth aims to bedazzle and buffalo with a mix of post-punk, goth and probably some other stuff we can’t even think about. Add a couple of openers to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a night out. Friday at the Black Cat.

The Shit Talkers, Daisy Stranglers

What could be better than a night out watching two ripping punk bands from B.C.? Oh yeah, it’s the long weekend, and you can probably stay out late and sleep in the next morning. Check this one out Sunday at the Saskatoon Indoor Skatepark.

Yo Bear, Swayze and The Sex Geckos

Some bands are playing, which is cool and all, but factor in the fact that you can get pizza and play pinball at the same time and now we talking! This Thursday at the Black Cat Tavern.


Curious about what life was like in pre and post-revolutionary Iran through the eyes of a rebellious, punk-loving teenager? Come check out Persepolis, an animated movie based on Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel, this Saturday at the Remai Modern.

Nutrien Fireworks Festival

Do you like big colourful explodey things? What about food trucks? The 2018 Nutrien Fireworks Festival, taking place from Friday, Aug. 31 to Saturday, Sept.1, aims to delight and dazzle with plenty of things to look at, both on and off the ground.