Looking Sharp for a Night on the Town

When heading out to sample the delightful nightlife of Saskatoon, you want to be looking suave, turning heads and feeling great. Whether you are heading off to a rocking night of head-banging and shot-slamming or an evening of energetic swing and electric jazz.

You’d be forgiven if the summer styles coming off this year’s catwalk had you scratching your head, because you certainly aren’t alone! It seems every year’s fashion shows become more dramatic in an attempt to be the most talked about “style” – but that doesn’t fit well for the average person. Looking underneath the many posts of “what IS she wearing” there are a few styles that you can rock over the summer, let’s explore;

Styling the Men

Smart-casual could have been the buzzwords for this year’s summer fashion shows, with plenty of “dad denim” thrown around and lots of shirts, from flashy tropical and vertical stripes to brilliant whites and soft pinks.

Stripes are a staple style, working well with jeans, chinos or smart trousers and helping men look smart morning until night. Stripes also allow guys to bring a bit of colour and interest into their wardrobe, breaking up the monotony of plain white shirts. Finish your look with a men’s silver bracelet or chain, subtly is key, let others discover parts of your style rather than be blinded by it – take a look at these examples from Canadian jeweller Tateossian if you are unsure about what constitutes an elusive style.

All white and all pink outfits hit the fashion shows in their abundance during summer 2018, it’s certainly an acquired taste but for the confident man, will certainly turn heads when you walk in the club. There are plenty of options available, whether you opt for the full suit or matching coloured shirt, trouser, shoe combination. The great thing about these single colour outfits is the options for accessorising, feel free to make a statement! Rock the gold bracelets or a flashy chain or treat yourself to a pair of gorgeous cufflinks or a heavy-duty ring. If choosing designer jewellery for men isn’t your strength, there are plenty of options available.

Dressing Up the Ladies

The 1980s hit us full in the face this year for 2018 summer fashion, although that could have been a passing model – those shoulder wings could give Boeing a run for their money. While ladies trench coats were a welcome return, there’s never enough pockets in ladies clothing and this just causes everyone to suffer – “can you hold this for me?” However, the biggest hit this year for women was the bags, be it a bum bag, over the shoulder or even around the waist, it was one of the most talked about items to hit the catwalk.

Colour was also a hit this year for women’s fashion, with rainbows, pastels and neon strutting their stuff and the bright colours look fantastic. Brilliant red dresses, minty green coats and electric yellow platforms, rock the colours this season and go bright or go home. Dressing up in bright colours means you can go subtle or sly on the accessories, silvers and greys compliment showy colours nicely or work in some natural earth colours. You don’t want to move the focus from your centre piece (the colour) or also create a look that’s overbearing for your evening posse.

If bright colours leave you nervous, worry not, because pastels are a hit too, dress yourself up in shades of sherbet with soft yellows and pale dusky pinks. Don’t go overboard though, if your clothes are incorporating a neapolitan spectrum of pastel colours, avoid carrying a pastel bag or wearing pastel shoes. Instead choose natural tones of brown or deep shades of black and in terms of jewellery, think complementing and not contrasting. Pastel shades of pink can be worn with rose gold pieces or jewellery set with green stones and brilliant hues of amber go wonderfully with pastel yellow. Red stones and accessories breath life into soft peach pastels whereas bright silvers and light greys can make ice blue pop.

Have you put any thought into what you are going to wear on your next night on the town? Start experimenting with colours and patterns, you don’t need to go for the striking catwalk look but there’s no harm in taking the attention for a short while. When it comes to dressing up for a night out, feel confident, feel comfortable and most importantly, enjoy yourself!