First Class Reviews: Best Luxurious Food in the Air

Being in the first or business class is not only about sitting in a comfortable seat. The best food from the best chefs is represented in the menu, also. So if you have a ticket for the first class, lucky you are to taste the masterpieces of the cuisine from the territory of these or those airlines. Let’s review ( the best dishes one by one of the best airlines:

1. Hawaiian Airlines First Class: Beef Kare Kare
As long as Hawaiian cuisine is a mixture of Asia and North America cuisines, the food represented on board is very exotic. For example, it can be Filipino Beef Kare Kare. It is a dish made of oxtail stew with tripe and also a pork leg, which is simmered in the cashew sauce with roasted potatoes, asparagus, and carrots.

2. Qatar Airways Business Class: Yellowtail Teriyaki by Nobu
This dish is designed by one of the four chefs Nobu Matsuhisa, who make the food for flights. There are his recipes in the business class menu from the meat to desserts. Yellowtail Teriyaki is one of the best in a la carte menu. The dish is made with yellowtail with truffle and sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and okra.

3. Virgin America First Class: Chicken and Artichoke
If you are in the mood for chicken, then this dish will please all your desires. The chicken breast in this meal is herb-marinated. There are roasted radishes, seared artichokes, huge beans, and “caramelized fennel with sherry chicken jus.” However, if you do not want chicken breast, you may try Korean Bibimbap and also coq au vin with the short slow-braised rib.

4. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class: Afternoon Tea
If you travel in the afternoon time to London by Virgin Atlantic Airlines, you will be offered to have an English tea alongside with clotted cream, finger sandwiches, cakes, scones with jam. The products will be delivered on the complete trolley from seat to seat.

5. Alaska Airlines: First Class Granola
Granola is one of the most popular dishes aboard on Alaska Airlines. The food which is a combination of brown sugar, rolled oats, roasted sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and also fresh blueberries, and is a good way to begin your day and have a lot of energy throughout it.

6. ANA Business Class: Koura-yaki
ANA Airlines help regional specialties in Japan to get to their place of destination. Usually, there is Koura-yaki dish on board in a menu to enjoy the flight. This is such a tasty kind of food that contains crab meat and also crab butter which is wrapped in egg. The dish is accompanied with Itadaki (vegetables and rice that are wrapped in fried tofu).

7. Austrian Airlines Business Class: Coffee Service
The Austrian Airlines cuisine is famous for not a breakfast or the main dish, but for the coffee service. The best of the best representative of its menu is dessert and also Viennese traditional coffee service. Actually, there are 10 different kinds of coffee on board, accompanied with a traditional Austrian cake (Gugelhupf).

Whenever and wherever you go, ask the stewards or stewardesses which food is a star one and try the best. Have a great flight and land softly!

— Featured photo by Flickr user xlibber, Creative Commons.