Undead Newlyweds

The Undead Newlyweds want your brains: Saskatoon Fringe reviews

So how exactly did a zombie learn to juggle fire?

If you caught any of the Saskatoon Fringe this weekend then you probably saw The Undead Newlyweds, a husband/wife zombie duo who, among other things, juggles flaming batons.

Fire is always fun, and so are zombies – especially when they aren’t eating your brain. Aside from the obvious skill and dexterity of the juggling act, it was actually hilarious to watch the crowd interaction, as the zombie bride moved throughout the crowd and freaked out a few of the squares. Which is always the best part of a comedy spectacle, right?

So how exactly did a zombie learn to juggle fire anyway?

We caught up with Devlyn Smith, the Alpha Zombie, for a quick chat on how he and his bride came to Saskatoon, why he enjoys performing and why you should consider becoming a zombie as well.

Ominocity: So why would a zombie consider coming to Saskatoon?

Devlyn Smith: The bride and I got married here in Saskatoon and a horde of zombies attacked us directly afterwards. My bride was bit first and she turned into a zombie and, out of love, I exposed my heart. My bride bit me on the heart but, out of respect, she didn’t want to infect me. And it allowed me to keep my intelligence and its how I came to be the Alpha Zombie.

OM: So how did a zombie learn how to juggle fire?

DS: I was always a traveling circus act before be given the zombie virus itself. I’ve always enjoyed the acts and we get to meet so many people. And then we get to eat them after the show.

OM: Any last words for your fans?

DS: If anyone out there sees an oncoming zombie apocalypse my advice is to run straight into the horde. Become a zombie. Forget being a survivor. Their life is rough. And in the end you’ll still become a zombie. You want to be a zombie when the pickings are still good.

– The Saskatoon Fringe continues to run until August 9