Ominocity launches new website design, forums and online store

Introducing… the new, new, new Ominocity!

Ominocity, a Saskatoon arts and culture blog, has launched a new website. The all-new design has also been expanded to include forums and an online store.


We’ve come a long way since publishing our first post on March 1, 2011. Back then we hardly knew what we were doing, but a lot of people seemed to notice us. Over three years later we’ve expanded into planning shows and events, including our annual party festival OMFEST, workshops and lectures, and have won several awards for Best Local Website/Blog.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 1.40.51 PM
The way we were: Ominocity 2.0

But even before we conceived of Ominocity, co-founder Ryan Smith had launched, a community website that pre-dated such timewasters like Facebook or Twitter. Hilariously, Threeohsix gained infamy for the forums, where musicians would promote shows, and local turds would insult each other, flame-war style.

But every story has an upside to it. Years later a whole bunch of my friends would admit to having met their sweetie on the message boards. Punk rock love!

So for the launch of Ominocity 3.0, we have reintroduced the forums. Please use responsibly.

Ominocity is also launching a new webstore, where you will be able to find all our latest swag, of which there is very little. T-shirts are only the beginning – expect plenty more surprises to come.

As always, Ominocity would love to hear from you, whether you are interested in working or volunteering for us, have a new album/single/video/show to promote or anything else. Click HERE to contact us.

For everyone who has followed from day one to anyone who is just joining us now, we thank you for your continued patronage.