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Summer is prime time to pony up in public pastures

Boning in the backseat of a car is a total classic move that has been enjoyed throughout the generations – just ask your parents!

Also, total yawn.

Any boring chud or chump can get frisky in the back of an Acura – just ask your parents.

You can do better.

Public sex is both illegal and highly indecent. And that’s probably what makes it so great. Also, that whole getting caught thing is kind of hot. Except when you actually get caught, which makes it doubly important that you stake out a good public bang spot.

Thankfully Saskatoon is full of weird nooks and crannies for today’s pervs on the go, so there you go!

Lawn bowling greens

Lawn bowling is a noble sport for people of all skill levels. So is sex. The similarities probably end there. Lawn bowling enclosures are typically 99% empty at night, making it the perfect place for a midnight rendezvous. Or, if you care to use the lawn bowler’s lexicon, “throw the jack” or “kitty”.


This one can be as dangerous as you want it to be. Getting on top of the garage is probably pretty low-risk. Your neighbour’s condo? Might want to wait until they are out of town. Or not. Also, be aware that those doors that lead you onto the rooftops of office buildings usually lock behind you, so bring something to prop that sucker open.

Saskatoon Sculpture Garden

Located in the University of Saskatchewan grounds, the Sculpture Garden is a pretty erotic public space – at least 40% of the statues are outright sexual. The rest you have to use your imagination. Anyway, make sure to bring a blanket or a sleeping bag – all those natural grasses out there are kind of pokey.

Victoria Bridge

Everyone is harping over the new bridge right now. Which means no one is paying attention to Saskatoon’s decommissioned bridge. If you can get over the chain link fence, have at it. But be warned – apparently that bridge can come down at any time, especially if it’s-a-rocking. Besides, it’s still Saskatoon’s best bridge, so why not get some use out of it? Bummer they took those mood enhancing lights off though.

The Grandstand at the Ex

More like a grand one night stand. When not in use, grandstands and sports bleachers are a great place to neck, pet, nip or peep. Especially if no one is around. The grandstand at the Ex can smell a little horsey – chalk that one up to the Marquis Downs – but there are plenty of bleachers around town that you can pony up on. Also, if you’re looking for a little outdoor nookie, you might want to avoid this area when the Ex is actually on. Unless a carnie threesome is your thing.

Editor’s Note – Click HERE for some of Saskatoon’s indoor public bang spots.