TurboFest takes over Saskatoon this weekend

Saskatoon Turbojugend put on weekend banger with proceeds going to Red Cross

According to punk rock legend, the Turbojugend was started back in 1995 by the band Turbonegro – think of it as a rowdy deathpunk version of the KISS Army. But with way more drinking and better music.

turbofest poster

And it’s landed in Saskatoon.

On Friday June 28 to 29, Turbojugend BridgeCity will be hosting TurboFest at Rock the Bottom in Saskatoon. And it’s going to be a banger.

Friday night features Herd Of Wasters, Royal Red Brigade, ShockFlesh and Hippiecritz.

Saturday sees headliners Trigger Effect join forces with Black Thunder, Astroboy (Dwarves Tribute) and Ohmwar. Oh yeah, and The Boys From Nowhere, which is apparently a Turbonegro karaoke group.

Which means someone better start brushing up on the words to “Rock Against Ass”.

Even better, proceeds from the event will be benefitting the Red Cross to help out with the Flood Relief in Alberta.

Call it a party with a purpose.

TurboFest is $10 at the door each night or $15 in advance.

Ominocity caught up with El Duderino, a member of Turbojugend BridgeCity, for a run down on TurboFest.

Ominocity: So why do TurboFest? What can people expect?

El Duderino: Part of being in the Turbojugend is various chapters getting together for meetups and parties. This is one of the first large scale Canadian meetups of its kinda for the club and people are traveling from other Provinces so I wanted to have something for them to do. So I decided two nights of bands was in order. And considering I am not selfish I decided, hell, lets share the party with all the awesome people of Saskatoon. Also featured is TJ BridgeCity’s very own Colonel C*@kstache doing standup comedy sets both nights. I am hoping this is a success because i intend to make this an annual event.

OM: What is the mysterious Turbojugend BridgeCity anyway?

ED: The “mysterious Turbojugend BridgeCity” isnt really that mysterious. We try to get out and promote the local scene and support touring bands as much as we can. I get asked a lot about how people can join and I usually reply with this: First you have to be a fan of the band, cause afterall it is a band fan club. But more then that you have to want to be part of our family rather then just trying to get a fancy denim jacket. It takes work to get a jacket and join this huge crew of sailors and you have to prove that you want it. Showing up to meetings, parties, events, going to local shows, traveling and taking part in Deathpunk tourism are just a few of the ways you can show your dedication.

-Photo from Flickr user “NRK P3” – Creative Commons