MoSoFest PREVIEW: The Weir Will Crush Your Face (Musically)

Calgary doom punk group to descend on Saskatoon

Editor’s Note – The following is part five of many previews on Ominocity’s upcoming sponsored MoSoFest showcase. Look forward to our ongoing coverage of MoSo.

Calgary’s The Weir is literally a fistful of slow, downtrodden riffs.

And on their debut album, Yesterday’s Graves, the group take megaton riffage along with extended, heavy jams and add plenty of musical twists and turns.

“The idea behind this band was to create dark, moody music on the slower side of things, influenced by and combining doom, sludge, post-metal/hardcore,” says bassist Sergey Jmourovski, who also plays in Calgary band Wake,

In addition to MoSo, Jmourovski says that the group will be hitting up several other festivals this summer, including Sled Island in Calgary and Burger Fest in Vancouver.

“We are only doing a bit of touring this summer but are definitely interested in getting in the van next year for a longer period once the LP comes out.”

Check out The Weir at Rock the Bottom on Saturday, June 15 at 12:15pm.

$10 at the door, or free with your MoSoFest Priority Pass (subject to capacity)

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