Jade punching Ben Mulroney

Remember when the Junos were in Saskatoon in 2007?

Ominocity shares their highlights of the 2007 Juno Awards

Bust out the red carpet and the beer. The Junos are coming to Regina, with JunoFest launching on April 19 & 20. And it’s going to be a total rager.

For those who were around when the Junos hit Saskatoon back in 2007 you may remember the shows, the excitement and drinking champagne with the mayor at the kickoff at the Western Development Museum while teenage girls in Vegas outfits brought endless trays of cheese.

Oh yeah, and long-time Ominocity photographer Jade Bugera got to meet Ben Mulroney as seen above. No shit! It was a different time, after all…

With the Junos launching in a week, we here at Ominocity thought we would recall our favourite hazy memories of getting drunk six years ago when all of Canada was watching our prairie city.

Ryan’s Highlights:

That time Nelly Furtado tried to kill me…

I was driving home after a long day and turning left in front of Earl’s to head to my apartment in City Park. Suddenly a limousine blows through a red light so I slam on the brakes as my car spins 180° to narrowly avoid collision. The limo comes to a stop in front of the restaurant as award show host Nelly Furtado steps out, looks at me and gives an apologetic wave before she’s hurried inside the building. I head home and scrawl her name on my enemies list.

Nelly Furtado

That time I dared Jade to punch Ben Mulroney…

When Threeohsix.org (Ominocity’s predecessor) received press passes to cover the Junos, I wasn’t able to attend the Red Carpet event so I passed off my media pass to a friend and told him I’d give him $1000 if he got a photo of him punching Ben Mulroney. I received these photos later that day with a text saying “Where’s my money?”.

I still haven’t paid.

Jade punching Ben Mulroney

That time I revenge-stole beer from You Say Party! We Say Die!…

I had booked You Say Party! We Say Die! to play a music festival I hosted called 306FEST in 2005. They partied hard, trashed the back room and stole a bunch of beer I had bought for the other bands performing that night. When I went backstage at their JunoFest showcase to say hi they totally didn’t remember me. Feeling snubbed, I ordered a case of beer on their tab and stuffed as many as I could in my pockets as they left to go on stage.

You Say Party! We Say Die!

Chris’ Highlights:

Journalism 101, Part 1

Still in university, I had just gotten my first freelance job as a journalist and had been given free reign on the Junos Award show. Me and several of my student journalist colleagues had discovered that in addition to getting in to the press box for free – we were actually there to work – we also got seemingly unlimited free beer. Whoa. We drank in lieu of eating the supper and got sufficiently messy. Suddenly Sam Corbett, who played drums in a little-known band called The Sheepdogs, wandered up to us. Sam, dressed in a fancy white shirt and pants, began clearing up our empties.

“I work here,” he shrugged. “By the way my boss told me I have to take the beer away now. But if you guys want anymore go for it.

“You should fill up your backpacks,” he added. It was good advice, and we did just that, thanking Sam profusely.

The next time I heard of Sam at the Junos he was winning all the awards. He earned it.

Juno Red Carpet

Journalism 101, Part 2

After drinking more than our fill of beer (and armed with enough for at least two more days in our backpacks) we made our way down to the press box. This is where the artists came to give their thoughts on winning their various awards.

It was a total party tornado.

Musicians were whisked in front of us, grinning, awkward or otherwise, as we, the press, drilled them on subjects such them being awesome, the Junos being awesome and everything being awesome.

That got boring quickly, so we attempted to make it interesting.

“Dallas Green,” I asked the City and Colour front man, “what is your favourite colour?”

“Uhh… what? Oh. I guess… green… ish?”

The awesome quote didn’t make it into any article I wrote about the Junos. Until now.