Ghost Town, Saskatchewan: The Patricia Hotel: Photo Essay

Local Landmark The Patricia Hotel and Bar Shuts Down Forever

Gathered for one last beer at The Pat, one of Saskatoon’s most infamous bars, we traded stories about the venerable boozy landmark.

“I once got to second base while waiting in line at the shooter bar.”

“I used to DJ here for a summer. It was fun. And then it sucked.”

“I was in the offsale and I heard the DJ say ‘I know it’s hot in here you guys but could the owner of the size 10 Silver jeans please come up and claim your pants.'”

“I remember seeing a gang fight in the parking lot. Some dude had a sword.”

After standing for over 100 years, The Pat is now calling it quits – but all good things must eventually crawl into the gutter to die, right?. And to all those brave enough to come for one last last call, we salute you.

Good night sweet princess.

The Pat 2
The Pat 3
The Pat 4
The pat 7
The Pat 5
The Pat 6

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