The Pxrtals Release Video

New Saskatoon project drops cover video of “The Crystal Ship”

The P∞rtals, a new Saskatoon project helmed by Levi Soulodre, has released a cover video of The Doors song “The Crystal Ship”.

Set amidst a beautiful, yet harrowing, backdrop, you can almost feel your fingers turning numb.

“The idea to perform this song in the park came to me one day mid-year,” says Soulodre. “It was filmed on Halloween 2012. It was fucking freezing, and a just a little bit spooky.”

Although the video features a solo performance, Soulodre says that The P∞rtals, who also feature Barrett Ross of Foam Lake and Factor on production, are currently working on new material for 2013.

So why a cover of The Doors?

“As of late, I’ve really been enjoying covering songs that have an incredibly strong effect on me,” says Soulodre. “In retrospect, ‘The Crystal Ship’ is both a song i’d previously overlooked on the debut album, even though I now find it’s as every bit as uncannily wondrous as ‘The End’, which everyone knows.”

The video, which was shot at the tree park just south of the University of Saskatchewan, was filmed and edited by Matt Garand.

“He’s great really fun to work with, and really understood the sense of natural wonder/stillness of nature that I was going for and that I feel the song reflects.”