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Terrible Dating Advice With Matt & Amber

Coming from a string of failed relationships, Matt and Amber feel they both have enough combined experience in the dating game to qualify as self-proclaimed Dating Columnists. However, any and all advice given is to be taken with a large dose of skepticism, and none of the advice following is intended to replace actual professional counseling and/or medical advice.

“A friend of mine and his girlfriend recently broke up, it was civil, they loved each other but things weren’t working and they took the mature route and decided to end it. One of his best friends is now ‘seeing’ her, I’m wondering is this wrong or no?” – Split Decision

Amber: On the one hand, the basic rule of dating is “you don’t shit where you eat.” On the other hand, the dating pool in Saskatoon is woefully small, and unfortunately people tend to form weird neo-incestuous relationships within their respective social circles. As long as there’s no crazy drama that results from his BF and this girl seeing/banging each other, it should be okay. All others need to STFU and keep their opinions to themselves.

Matt: If they were dating for a long time and in love I’d say stay away. My God, that’s screaming “I want an easy credit so I’m going to take DRAMA!” On that same note, if it’s in the same friend circle, he is going to find out either way, so it’s up to him how he handles it. If she’s hot, kudos to his buddy for hooking up, but he may be her ploy for revenge: IT’S A TRAP!

“How can I tell if I’m annoying a guy by texting him too much?” – Obsessive Conversationalist

Amber: I’m terrible for thinking I’m being annoying by texting someone “too much” as well. I guess, if he replies to you enthusiastically, you’re probably okay? If you’re sending him paragraphs and he’s only replying with monosyllabic “ok,” “yeah,” or “i kno, rite?” texts, you’re probably being too wordy/he’s just not interested. Personally, I think there should be special text fonts for “I Enjoy Talking To You” and “Step Off, Bitch” for us obtuse folk.

Matt: Oh, hello there, my number is… Just kidding! I agree with Amber: I’m also terrible for thinking I’m being annoying. If they respond with only one word answers it’s kind of meant to be a deterrent. I’ll throw something out here, ask him/her to hang out in the real world (I know, SCARY), and then judge from actual conversation if they’re into you, or just find you annoying. “How did you get my number?!”/”Who is this again?”

-Photo taken from Flickr user “Jason Pier in DC” – Creative Commons.