Rehashed, Weak Ends and Haunted Souls Video Review

Saskatoon punks take to stage at Amigos

Saskatoon’s Rehashed, Weak Ends and Haunted Souls collectively ripped the audience at Amigos a new one last Saturday, April 28. Also in attendance was Cease and Desist, who started the night off and were unfortunately missed by Ominocity.

Haunted Souls have managed to impress quite a few people despite their relatively short life span. The four-piece power through at least five different sub-genres of punk rock, never once stopping to really reflect on what that sound is – good thing it rips.

Rehashed, however, saddened me.

Weak Ends are another young band, which is comprised of members of Lady Deathstryke and Soul Mates. While it is easier to pin down their influences, Weak Ends nevertheless offer a ferocious take on hardcore.

Rehashed, however, saddened me. Mostly because it was the first time I’ve actually seen them (yeah, yeah, I didn’t live here for a long time) and I’ve realized how much time I’ve wasted liking their some of the members’ other bands, including DFA and Poser Disposer. Just jokes guys, but seriously you rule.