“Dear Satan, Lavagoat deserves a promotion.”

-Steven Reed

Saskatoon metal lords Lavagoat are about to drop their latest EP, entitled Monoliths of Mars, at Amigos on Saturday, February 18.

Since their inception in 2007, the group has been pummeling and penetrating audiences with a gauntlet full of doomy riffage. Along with the obligatory heaviosity normally reserved for a band full of metal gigandudes, Lavagoat plod along with a thick gallop of sludge, an occasional guitar squall and a perpetual haze of budsmoke and Pabst – basically everything you need for a whipass prairies skid party.

In addition to their full-length album, which was released in 2010, the ‘Goat now have a four song EP, which, as guitarist Graeme Burke describes, continues along the same lines as their previous work.


Ominocity: Why just an EP this time around? Is this a teaser for an upcoming full-length?

Graeme Burke: We have a lot of new material written and ready to go, but these select songs seemed to be the appropriate story to tell at this point in time.

OM: Did you do anything different this time around with the EP as opposed to the 2010 release?

GB: Not really. We did a bit of experimenting with different guitars, amps and percussion, but overall it was the same process as our last release – live and off the floor. We were very happy with the outcome last time and didn’t really want to change anything. Both were done at SunTemple Sound, with Chris Douglas from Toneshift audio.

Catch Lavagoat live:

February 18th @ Amigos, with Shooting Guns, ChronGoblin, Scab Smoker, Witch Stone

February 25th, Regina SK. @ Riddell Center, with Into Eternity

April 20th, Calgary AB. @ The Distillery, with ChronGoblin, Kyoktys and Lordosis

April 21st, Edmonton AB. @ New City Likwid Lounge

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc5u58Vp_4w&w=425]