CFCR FM-Phasis

Pick of the Weekend: CFCR FM-PHASIS

CFCRCFCR, Saskatoon’s community radio station, are like the girl/guy next door: you’ve always had a certain amount of longing towards them – in addition to an impromptu boner or two – but they’ve always been around.

Perhaps, dare I say it, you may have taken them for granted?

And just like that peephole nudie revue in downtown Montreal that stole my heart, wallet and T-shirt, eventually you are going to have to pay up for a glimpse of that fine musical programming leg that sways so jauntily.

Thankfully the folks at CFCR have made donating a little bit more fun than offering up a bunch of lame promo CDs that nobody really wants anyway.

This weekend marks the beginning of roughly a month of shows under the FM-PHASIS banner (oh, heh, FM-PHASIS – I totally just got that!), which, in turn, helps CFCR bring you the quality programming you’ve always had. Besides all that, most of these shows rule in every way possible and there is absolutely no excuse not to go to each and every one of them.

Oh yeah, the venerable non-profit station keeps rubbing it in that they are 20-years-on-the-air, which is mighty impressive… except, uhm, hey CFCR, I think I see some grey hairs showing on that bare, brazen leg.


SEPT 16 – AMIGOS – KICKOFF PARTY – Library Voices w/ Dinosaur Bones, Slow Down, Molasses
SEPT 17 – AMIGOS – Shooting Guns, Deadhorse, The Switching Yard
SEPT 23 – AMIGOS – Golden Smoke, Breaker Breaker, Father Figures
SEPT 24 – AMIGOS – Bob Log III w/ Mr. Free & The Satellite Freakout
SEPT 24 – WALKERS – Lavagoat, Napalm Raid, Hoopsnake, Rehashed, State Of Minefields
SEPT 29 – AMIGOS – Besnard Lakes w/ Malajube, The Soft Province
SEPT 30 – ODEON – Arctic Monkeys w/ Smith Westerns
SEPT 30 – AMIGOS – James McMurtry w/ Guests
OCT 1 – AMIGOS – CLOSING PARTY – Yukon Blonde, Hollerado, White Ash, Young Rival, Wildlife