The Fjords

The Fjords Return to Saskatoon

The FjordsIn a set of circumstance that could only be described as a colossal cock-tease, the last time I saw Saskatoon’s The Fjords was at the 2010 Ness Creek Festival, when the trio were rained off the stage.

God would cry at their last show.

Despite the tragic ending, fans of the power-pop group can get excited knowing The Fjords are reuniting to right past wrongs via some harebrained Quantum Leap-esque scheme.

Or, as guitarist Luke Ryalls suggests, you could just chalk it up to three bros getting up to no good while back in the same town.

“I’m back in Saskatoon for a bit of a summer break, and we’re all getting pretty antsy to play some music,” says Ryalls. “It’s been far too long, and it’s something we all really love to do. So we talked about it and decided to hijack a bill at Amigos and give it a shot.”

Before splitting, the trio recorded an album entitled Get It Right – essentially ballsy Can-rock reminiscent of a can of Great Western pil and a weathered jean jacket.

Hopefully, in addition to, you know, actually practicing, The Fjords will have a few new tricks to pull out for fans.

“I think it would be extra fun if we tried to bring some new songs with us, too,” says Ryalls. “There’s nothing worse than bands publicly breaking up and getting back together all the time, so we’re trying to not make a big deal of it.

“We just love to play.”

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