Dog Day

Download of the Week: Dog Day

Kicking the album off with – what else – a dog barking, the newly-resurrected Dog Day trundle their way through some very distinctive Haligonian-sounding weirdo pop.

On one of their last releases, an EP entitled Elder Schoolhouses, Dog Day recorded with ex-Eric Tripper Rick White, giving the band a distinct element of Maritimes-inspired psychedelia. That sound has since followed them to their latest LP Deformer.

Despite stripping away their line-up down to a skeleton – the indie pop band used to be a four-piece – Dog Day’s husband and wife team blast through plenty of punk-esque rippers with enough fey instrumentation to officially upgrade their sound from “stark” to “lush” without the third-and-fourth-wheel tagalongs.

Also totes worth noting – Deformer features some harrowing-yet-beautiful cover art. The hand-screened cover for the vinyl is worth the price of admission alone.

Dog Day