Shotgun Jimmie

Pick of the Weekend: Shotgun Jimmie

Shotgun Jimmie aka Jim Kilpatrick is probably the finest example of Can-rock you can find touring this stupidly large country right now. So it makes ridiculously perfect sense that Kilpatrick is playing at Amigos on Canada Day along with local ballbusters Jeans Boots.

And with a 2011 Polaris Prize nomination under his belt, Jimmie is likely to start drawing more and more interest both at home and abroad.

“I was playing at a festival in the Czech Republic, and there were over 30,000 people there — and they were playing the national anthem of every country that had someone represented there,” recalls Kilpatrick. “I think I was the only Canadian there that day, and it was hard not to get a little choked up about it. But then I just went and got another beer.

“We’re all still hosers,” he adds.

Shotgun Jimmie w/ Jeans Boots
Friday, July 1st at Amigos
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Shotgun Jimmie