Lady Deathstryke

Lady Deathstryke Contest

Lady Deathstryke“Our bass player Luke is a hockey boy who has always wanted to play in a band and he told me that if I would teach him he would work hard at it. He bought a bass and we wrote some songs together and then got our drummer Clint involved. There were plenty of beers had during the whole process.”

— Dan Smolinski, on the formation of Lady Deathstryke.

“This round then, to you. Enjoy the taste of victory, little man. You have my word. It’ll be your last!”

— Donald Pierce, Reaver, on the imminent recapture of Wolverine.

Lady Deathstryke’s latest vinyl 7” EP has pretty much been on non-stop rotation in the Ominocity offices. Okay, fine, but we do listen to it a lot when we’re BBQing and getting liquored up on gin and veggie hot dogs.

Buffoonery notwithstanding, we think this band rules. So we’re giving away two copies of this 7”.

Everyone who “Likes” both Lady Deathstryke and Ominocity on both our Facebook pages will automatically be entered to win a record, hand-delivered by an Ominocity intern.

The contest winners will be announced next week at 12pm CST, Friday June 10, 2011.

Records cannot be exchanged for beer, BBQ, kisses or back issues of Spawn.