Posters compare so-called “men’s rights” movement to other marginalized groups

Several posters advertising men’s rights have arrived in Saskatoon this past week.

The arrival of the posters, which are dated “July 8, 2013”, mirror the ‘Don’t Be That Girl’ poster campaign that recently sparked outrage in Edmonton.

You can read about that at a variety of news sources, including CBC and The Huffington Post and our buds at The Albatross.

However, the posters that are being put up in Saskatoon aren’t the same as those in Edmonton, which parody an anti-rape campaign.

At the risk of editorializing, let me say this: ugh.

Actually, fuck it, I am going to editorialize.

Seriously, ugh.

The posters advertise slogans such as “Feminism = Male Disposability” and “Men’s Rights are Human Rights” while comparing the so-called men’s movement to other marginalized groups such as “African Americans”, “Jews”, “gays and lesbians” and “women”.

The posters are affiliated with the website, who state that one of their missions is “To educate men and boys about the threats they face in feminist governance and to promote an end to that governance.”

Barf. Puke.

Check out the reaction on the Saskatoon posters below:

This certainly isn’t the first time that a men’s rights campaign has popped up in Saskatoon – anyone remember the infamous Promise Keepers religious group that came to town a couple of years ago to flex their very feeble male muscle?

Ugh. Barf. Puke.

32 Responses

  1. ZimbaZumba

    I am not seeing what is particularly wrong with the posters. Democracy thrives on diversity of opinion. Rather than just respond with “Ugh. Barf. Puke.”, how about responding to the posters points?

  2. truthjusticeca

    That’s an awful lot of manufactured outrage.

    Human rights are for everyone, including men.

  3. MaurerPower

    As a man who has been the victim of female gossip, false accusation, and society’s readiness to believe anything a woman accuses a man of as being true, but does not accept the opposite? While this is not my instance, I’ve always been troubled by this comparison, but some people think is societally valid… If a girl gets drunk and chooses to have sex then regrets it, it’s rape charges for the dude. If a man gets drunk and chooses to have sex then regrets it, “it’s his own fault”, “It’s what he wanted”, “He probably liked it”, etc. I have experienced sexual assault from women while being passed out as well. No one encouraged me to go to the police at all, they just told me to get over it. Imagine if someone gave that advice to a woman? Equality is about the genders NOT being discriminatory. But most people are creating special rules BASED upon gender. This is sexism and inequality. Just because I’m a man doesn’t automatically mean everything I say is a lie, and vice-versa… I say these people have a right tio have their voice heard, just like any other group has the same right. You can’t pick and choose who you censor. If there’s a women’s right’s group, then there most certainly should be a men’s right’s group as well. It just seems fair…. Maybe child custody and alimony cases will balance out for men a bit better as well!!!!

  4. garison

    Disgusting. Feminism isn’t about pushing down “men’s rights”, it’s about making everyone’s rights more apparent. Just pathetic. :/