Local brewer stirs up controversy after opening pub

Paddock Wood, a local beer brewer, is facing a backlash after opening their own downtown pub, The Woods Alehouse.

The Yard & Flagon pub, in addition to several other businesses, have discontinued carrying Paddock Wood products citing that the brewer has positioned themselves as competition.

Below is a quote taken from The Yard & Flagon Facebook page.

Our aplologies to all the loyal Paddockwood drinkers. Our hope is that you continue to enjoy the Yard and can find another refreshing beverage to consume. A quick explanation. They went from distributor to competition. We didn’t ask them to sell our Jerk Chicken Burger and give us half the profit. Cheers to all. See you soon.

Paddock Wood issued the following statement on their own Facebook page on Saturday:

Paddock Wood would like to thank the many local bars that support us as a local craft brewery. We are saddened that a few bars have recently removed us from tap, but every bar can decide which beers to sell or not sell. We have not refused to sell product to these bars, and indeed such practice could jeopardize our license as a brewery.

We believe the opening of our ale house will increase awareness and demand generally for craft beer. The Woods is merely an alternate space for enthusiasts to enjoy a different atmosphere, beers, music, and food. There is ample room for difference in this rapidly growing city.

The debacle has since spilled over into the social media realm, with local beer drinkers weighing in with their own opinions.

Paddock Wood suffers beer backlash

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Facebook fight!! Locals mad RE: @paddock_wood beer removed from Yard and Flagon https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Yard-Flagon-Pub/193476590702439 #yxe #localbusinessGinger Koolick
Really unimpressed to hear of Saskatoon bars boycotting paddockwood. More people going out downtown is good for everyone. #yxeKMcShane
At the Yard and Flagon for late lunch/early supper. No paddockwood and the lunch special just stopped. LameKayleigh Kazakoff

Stay tuned as the drama unfolds…

35 Responses

  1. jerms

    sort of a bummer that The Yard quit serving paddockwood. but even more of a bummer is the Woods Ale House. definitely underwhelming

  2. Jared

    Every business has the right to serve whatever they want. If the Yard is willing to accept the potential revenue loss of not serving Paddock Wood, then all power to them.

  3. Lowebrau

    Time to grow up Saskatoon. Many other cities with microbreweries that have a pub associated with them also sell their beers at other venues. This is playground politics, really. Every bar is in ‘competition’ with each other anyway. What does it matter? If anything it will hurt your business to stop carrying something because you want to pout about it.

  4. mitch

    honestly they are totally going against their own customers, yard and flagon are loyal to they suppliers and customers alike and have done alot of paddowood sales over the years, it must be a real issue for so many bars to be dropping it.. Imagine being Winston’s their hole business is based around craft beer and they carry many of paddowoods products. Also paddocwood is opening what they call a craft house but the draught system they have they installed by themselves boycotting local service providers mind you and ending up with a garbage system with major wasteage as a result. the food however is decent.. unfortunately the vibe of the room does not work, the stage is located in a terrible spot, and for being brand new it was filthy, white computer paper menus….. sad… oh and heard they had a industry pro move here to manage the place who has been sent packing due to money issues…..

  5. Danny Johnson

    i am on side with Winston’s, the Yard and Rook and Raven on this one, If i owned a downtown pub and a competitor opened a couple blocks away, i wouldn’t continue to put money in there pocket while they are taking money out of mine. beside Paddockwood Beers are decent, but not amazing. many other great brews out there